Are the days of a traditional bridal party over?

A trend we see more and more is the shake up of the traditional bridal party.

Brides are opting for ‘bridesmen’ over bridesmaids and grooms are considering their sister as a ‘best man’. 

Couples are also shunning the tradition of having an even bridal party. Instead of selecting a random cousin to make up the numbers, couples are having one groomsmen to two bridesmaids or three groomsmen for one lucky bridesmaid.


Another option is to go without a bridal party at all. If you don’t want to pick one friend over another, why not forgo the bridal party and use your mums or grandparents as witnesses? Friends can still be involved in your special day- the bride and her besties (no need to leave anyone out) can have breakfast together as they get ready for the ceremony and the groom can play golf with his mates before he says I do.

We recommend you do what suits you and your situation best. Don’t stick to tradition for the sake of it. It can be refreshing to mix it up!